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June 2015

Finals Week Spring 2015

  1. We will not meet as a class.
  2. The final Formal Analysis should be submitted by 7:50 pm on W 6/10 following assignment instructions.
  3. Blogging for Week 10 continues through T 6/9.
  4. For work to count towards your final grade in Spring 2015, it will need to be submitted by 5:00 pm on F 6/12. No extensions will be granted for after that time and date.
  5. I will post Finals Week office hours by the end of this week.

Formal Analysis of MOON

The task (which we will discuss in class on W 6/3):

  • Write an analysis identifying the following in relation to Moon:
    • The most notable or interesting uses of mise-en-scène.
    • The most notable or interesting uses of the camera.
    • The most notable interesting uses of sound as it relates to your reading of mise-en-scène.


  • I will look first at the precision and formality of your language. Be as specific and as technical as possible.
  • Note that you will be able to check the film out on DVD from Hamersly Library. You can also rent Moon in HD from Amazon.
  • I will also be looking at how clearly you explain your interpretation in visual terms. Being articulate is more important than being "right."
  • I will also be looking at how carefully your analysis is composed and edited and that you have addressed each of the required points for each image.
  • I think that two to four single-spaced pages is a reasonable guideline for length.


  • You should submit your assignment via Moodle by W 6/10 at 7:50 pm. Additional details on Moodle.
  • This assignment is worth ten (10) points.